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Ehda Slip Additives

They are used to modify the coefficient of friction of plastic films. The addition level of slip masterbatches depends on film type, thickness and the required slip effect. The coefficient of friction rapidly decreases during the first day after extrusion and levels out to a constant value after 2-3 days

Category: Additives, Masterbatch
Tags: Additives, Improving speed, PE Sliper, Polyethylene Slipper, Polypropylene Slipper, PP Sliper, Slip, Sliper, Slipper additives

The Slip additives are used for reducing the friction between the films and also between film and converting equipment. This improves the movement through the extrusion line and also down stream packaging processes. Slip additives is sometimes used instead of anti-block additives specially when high clarity of the film is required and lower coefficient of friction does not cause any problem.
Both fast migration (oleamide based) and slow migration (erucamide based ) slip additives are produced in Ehda polymer.

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