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Ehda Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical Brightener Masterbatch absorb light in the UV-A range and re-emit it as blue light. This feature improves the appearance of the plastics products by masking the inherent “yellowish” color and giving to them a “clean” bluish shade.

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Optical Brightener Masterbatch


The optical brightener additive is one of the commonly used additvies in plastic industry for improving the appearance of the plastic products.
Optical Brightener Masterbatch (also known as Fluorescent Whitening) agent masterbatch absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance.
It can be used for reducing the yellowness inherent in plastics (which is increases in heating or reheating processes such as recycling) or the natural yellowing process which happens over time. Also, it is used for improving the color. It also makes the plastic look whiter and brighter. The mentioned properties, make optical brightener additive an excellent and necessary choice for applications were the appearance of the final plastic product is important.

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Optical Brightener Masterbatch

What is Optical Brightener Masterbatch?

Optical brightener masterbatch, commonly known as brightening agents, holds significant importance in the visual properties of various plastic products. Over time, plastic products tend to yellow, a color alteration that brings forth undesired effects, reducing the attractiveness of the intended product for customers.


The inclination of plastic materials to gradually turn yellow stems from their degradation by UV rays or visible light. These additive masterbatches absorb the invisible spectrum of ultraviolet light and convert this energy into a shorter wavelength visible spectrum, particularly blue to ultraviolet light. Consequently, optical brighteners function by increasing the amount of light, eliminating undesirable colors, resulting in a lustrous and white appearance in polymer products.


Polymer donation companies are capable of producing various types of optical brightener masterbatches based on different polymer bases and can tailor these masterbatches according to the specific needs of customers. Additionally, these masterbatches can enhance the whiteness and brightness of the polymer, thereby augmenting the beauty of the final product.


**Advantages of Optical Brightener Masterbatch :**

– Concealment of natural yellowing effects in plastics (elimination of surface yellowness and haze)

– Enhancement of the original color

– Luminosity of colored products

– Smooth and glossy surfaces

– Improvement in optical properties

– Creation of a frosty white color in white-colored parts

– Enhancement of color in recycled polymers


**Applications of Optical Brightener Masterbatch:**

– Single and multi-layer transparent and white matte films

– Sheets

– Injection molded parts

– Plastic products manufactured with recycled materials


The use of optical brightener masterbatches serves as a pivotal solution in preserving the visual appeal and durability of plastic products, ensuring their longevity and attractiveness for consumers.

Optical brightener masterbatch, a specialized additive in the realm of polymer technology, plays a pivotal role in preserving and enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of plastic products.

These masterbatches are specifically formulated to counteract the natural tendency of plastics to yellow over time, thereby ensuring the longevity and visual appeal of various plastic items.

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Plastic products, when exposed to environmental factors such as UV rays and visible light, undergo degradation, leading to a gradual change in color towards yellow tones.

This discoloration can be aesthetically unpleasing and diminishes the overall appeal of the product.

Optical brightener masterbatches effectively address this issue by absorbing ultraviolet light, which is not visible to the human eye, and converting it into visible light with shorter wavelengths, such as blue and ultraviolet.

This process increases the amount of visible light and masks the undesirable yellow hues, resulting in a brighter, whiter appearance of the polymer product.

The advantages of incorporating optical brightener masterbatches into plastic formulations are multi-fold. Firstly, they effectively conceal the natural yellowing effect that occurs in plastics, thereby eliminating surface yellowing and haziness.

Secondly, these masterbatches work to enhance the original color, ensuring the product maintains its intended visual appearance over time. Additionally, they contribute to the luminosity of colored products, creating a vibrant and attractive finish.

Furthermore, the surfaces of plastic items treated with optical brightener masterbatch exhibit a smoother and glossier finish, significantly improving their visual appeal.

Moreover, beyond their aesthetic benefits, optical brightener masterbatches also lead to improvements in the optical properties of the plastic.

This includes the creation of a frosty white color in white-colored parts and enhancing the color in recycled polymers, contributing to the circular economy by improving the appearance and value of recycled materials.

The applications of optical brightener masterbatches are diverse and encompass various plastic products. They are commonly employed in the production of single and multi-layer transparent and white matte films, sheets, injection-molded parts, and products made from recycled materials.

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Optical Brightener Masterbatch

Whether it’s enhancing the appearance of plastic packaging or ensuring the longevity of plastic components in various industries, the versatility of these masterbatches makes them a crucial component in the production process.

Ehda Polymer companies specializing in these additives offer a range of optical brightener masterbatches based on different polymer bases.

This enables manufacturers to tailor their formulations according to specific requirements, catering to the diverse needs of clients and industries.

Why Ehda Polymer OB1 ?

The ability to adjust the level of whiteness and brightness of the polymer by incorporating these masterbatches allows for the creation of products that not only meet technical specifications but also enhance their visual appeal and market desirability.

In conclusion, optical brightener masterbatches are an indispensable element in the realm of plastics manufacturing, ensuring the preservation of visual appeal, durability, and value of plastic products.

Their capacity to mitigate yellowing, enhance color, and improve the overall appearance of plastics positions them as a vital asset in the production and utilization of diverse plastic goods.

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