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Utilizing experienced and specialized work force EHDA Polymer Pack Co., has started its production of various types of masterbatches, additives and compounds from year 2017. Presently the basket of goods, consists of white masterbatch, slip additives, optical brightener, anti-block and processing aid additives.
Meeting the needs of local and international customers with emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction is one of the main principal values of our company. Utilizing a thorough quality control in all stages of the production we make sure that the quality of the masterbatches and compounds produced by our company is kept constant high level at all times.
Providing technical support, production of customized masterbatches (customized to meet customer’s needs), formula development and being part of the problem-solving process are additional services we provide to our customers.

Committed to innovation and continuous improvement, EHDA Polymer Pack Co. invests in cutting-edge technology and research to stay at the forefront of the industry. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest machinery and adhere to stringent environmental and safety standards.

As a producer of masterbatch and compound, our team of dedicated experts is constantly exploring new formulations and solutions to meet evolving market demands. We take pride in our ability to develop tailor-made masterbatches that address specific requirements and challenges faced by our clients.

In addition to our wide range of products, EHDA Polymer Pack Co. places a strong emphasis on sustainability. We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices throughout our production processes, ensuring minimal environmental impact and promoting a greener future.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the quality of our products. EHDA Polymer Pack Co. values open communication and collaboration with clients, fostering long-term partnerships. Our responsive and knowledgeable customer support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries or technical challenges.

As a reliable producer of masterbatch and compound, EHDA Polymer Pack Co. is poised to meet the growing demands of diverse industries. Whether you are looking for white masterbatch, slip additives, optical brighteners, anti-block, or processing aid additives, our comprehensive product portfolio caters to a spectrum of applications.

Choose EHDA Polymer Pack Co. for unmatched quality, customized solutions, and a commitment to sustainable practices. Elevate your production processes with our advanced masterbatches and compounds, setting new benchmarks for excellence in the industry.”

EHDA Polymer Pack Co. – Your trusted producer of masterbatch and compound for superior quality and customized solutions. Explore our wide range of white masterbatch, slip additives, optical brighteners, anti-block, and processing aid additives.”

Our experts are ready to deliver the best technical service and product according to the questioners filled by customers.
Our vision due to presence in the special economic zone and also closeness to the markets on the west side of Iran is to provide polymeric masterbatches and compounds suitable for international customers.
Due to the geographic location of our plant and its access to international waters through Persian Gulf, we are able to cover international markets -without additional costs. Presently countries like Iraq and Turkey are the export destination of EHDA Polymer Co.’s products.
Moreover, we aim to train, experienced and knowledgeable workforce for our country and our organization.

“Our team of experts is poised to deliver unparalleled technical services and products tailored to the specific needs outlined by our customers. Through a meticulous analysis of customer inquiries, we ensure precision and excellence in meeting and exceeding expectations.

Strategically located in a special economic zone with proximity to the western markets of Iran, our vision at EHDA Polymer Pack Co. is to provide polymeric masterbatches and compounds that meet the global standards of quality. This positioning allows us to offer products that are not only competitive on an international scale but also aligned with the diverse requirements of our clients worldwide.

Benefiting from the advantageous geographic location of our manufacturing plant, which has direct access to international waters via the Persian Gulf, we are able to seamlessly reach international markets without incurring additional costs. Currently, EHDA Polymer Pack Co.’s products are exported to countries such as Iraq and Turkey, reflecting our commitment to expanding our footprint on the global stage.

In addition to our focus on international markets, we are dedicated to contributing to the growth and development of our country by imparting specialized training to create a skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable workforce. This commitment aligns with our broader mission of not only meeting current industry demands but also fostering the future success of both EHDA Polymer Pack Co. and the nation we proudly operate within.

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