The 250$ price difference between China and Turkey lightweight polyethylene

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With the complicated conditions created in all export markets and the lack of demand and due to the unrealistic prices of ISIS and its non-applicability in the market, most Iranian manufacturers have organized sales auctions to find out the price.

The price difference between the world’s largest importer of polymer, China and other markets, has cast a heavy shadow over other markets, so that in LDPE, for example, the Chinese CFR price has reached an average of $ 1365, which is equal to the average of Turkey’s ISIC, which is currently It is $ 1885, we are witnessing a difference of $ 520, and the situation is similar in other products. On the other hand, according to Chinese market experts, the downward trend will continue in the next few weeks, which seems to be when new products arrive in China. On the other hand, the stock situation in Turkey is still ongoing and there is no demand and trading is close to zero. , The number of closures and quarantines is increasing all over the world, so that Turkey has started a 20-day nationwide quarantine and there is evidence of a full-fledged military government in Turkey, which is tightly controlled by police and security forces and with violators. It is also severely affected by the traditional decline in monthly transactions Ramadan can be mentioned.

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