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Ehda White Masterbatch

Category: Masterbatch
Tags: Blowmolding, injection, injection industries, Snow, TiO2, White color

Ehda White Masterbatch

White masterbatch contains medium sized titanium dioxide particles which has high reflective index, this results in good whiteness and hiding power. These properties make this additive a good choice for packaging and coating industry. For additional whiteness and hiding power, the titanium dioxide content has to be increased.

White masterbatch is the most commonly used masterbatch in the world and it is abundantly used in plastic industry. This masterbatch is produced using different bases. Besides providing white color, it has effect on optical properties of the final product.

We have been customizing the products according to our customers’ specific needs. Important factors such as: concentration, tone, consistency with other materials used in the formulation (The MFI of the produced white masterbatch and the polymer base of the masterbatch are adjusted according to customer’s application). Through post production tests, we make sure that our product has excellent dispersion and opacity features.

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