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Ehda Process Aid Additive

Reduce power consumption and help increasing the output while reducing plate-out on the die-surface.

Category: Masterbatch

Process aid additive

Process aid additives are used for improving the processability in various plastic processes such as film (blown or cast) and injection. These additives produce a thin coat on the metallic surfaces of the die which results in less friction between molten polymers and the metal surfaces. In other words it lowers the melt viscosity and reduces the stickiness of the polymers to the surface of the die. One of the important benefits of process aid additives is reduction of surface defects, such as shark skin and melt fracture. Also it reduces the melt pressure during polymer processing; this will result in possibility to increase the production rate and also reduce the energy usage.

Use of process aid is advised when good surface quality and appearance is needed. For polyethylene applications, where high density polymers and linear low density polymers are used, the utilization of the process aid is highly recommended.

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