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Ehda Optical Brightener

Optical brighteners absorb light in the UV-A range and re-emit it as blue light. This feature improves the appearance of the plastics products by masking the inherent “yellowish” color and giving to them a “clean” bluish shade.

Category: Masterbatch

Optical brightener

The optical brightener additive is one of the commonly used additvies in plastic industry for improving the appearance of the plastic products.
Optical Brightener (also known as Fluorescent Whitening) agent masterbatch absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance.
It can be used for reducing the yellowness inherent in plastics (which is increases in heating or reheating processes such as recycling) or the natural yellowing process which happens over time. Also, it is used for improving the color. It also makes the plastic look whiter and brighter. The mentioned properties, make optical brightener additive an excellent and necessary choice for applications were the appearance of the final plastic product is important.

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